OneTAKE Live: Introducing CareerTALKS With Orlando Haynes

OneTAKE Live: Introducing CareerTALKS With Orlando Haynes

August 3, 2020

“My passion is about equipping, educating, and empowering jobseekers with real-time advice that can help them propel their careers.”  Orlando Haynes   


In this special episode of OneTAKE Live, host Ian Barkin introduces SYKES Talent Acquisitions Manager Orlando Haynes, host of the new SYKES production CareerTALKS!  


Looking to make the next connection along your career journey? Whether you’re looking for work or to transition, it can be difficult to set yourself apart amid a sea of applicants. Now, with COVID-19, it can sometimes seem downright impossible. What’s the best way to find your dream job in the new normal? 


According to Orlando Haynes, simply applying isn’t enough. He has years of experience connecting jobseekers to careers and knows what it takes to go from applicant to employee. To secure your dream career, according to Haynes, you have to be the type of candidate that hiring managers seek. So, what does Orlando look for in an applicant? “You can’t train culture or attitude,” Haynes says. “Someone who has a positive energy, who’s excited to come to work, who’s willing to serve — the rest, I think, we can train.” 


An HR and hiring expert, Orlando has written multiple books about finding the ideal career fit and continues to empower jobseekers across the country through his insightful videos and lectures.  


You can hear more from Orlando about all things careers, hiring, and recruiting on CareerTALKS, a SYKES production, premiering at noon EST on Wednesday, August 5. 


Join us as we discover what it takes to get hired in the new normal on OneTAKE Live! 


Episode Resources


Orlando’s LinkedIn 

Orlando’s Website 

Orlando’s Career Talks Facebook 

Orlando Haynes Career Talks YouTube 


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OneTAKE Live: Altitude, AI and Entrepreneurship with Andrew Anderson

OneTAKE Live: Altitude, AI and Entrepreneurship with Andrew Anderson

July 9, 2020

"It’s not necessarily the new inventions that are changing the world that we live in right now; it’s how people are applying the technology that’s already been around for quite some time.”  Andrew Anderson 


In this episode of OneTAKE Live, join host Ian Barkin as he discusses AI, entrepreneurship and the future of work with AI entrepreneur, advisor and investor Andrew Anderson. 


What does AI mean to you? It’s a pretty loaded term. When you think “AI” do you think automated efficiency? Convenience? Speed? Or do you worry that humans will be left behind in the new world of smart tech? 


Fear not! According to Andrew, the future of AI is its ability to empower human beings — not replace them. Look, forget the words ‘artificial intelligence’; this is augmented intelligence,” Andrew says. “Don’t ever expect the human to not be in the journey.”  


An early pioneer in tech, Andrew was instrumental in the creation of the application services model now known as “software as a service,” or SaaS. In addition, with his company Celaton Limited, Andrew was the first to offer an intelligent automation platform as a service — applying AI to digitally transform organizations. Currently, Andrew works to mentor veterans and new entrepreneurs, sharing his knowledge and unique insights with the next generation of catalysts and game-changers. 


Join us and learn how AI is augmenting the future of work on OneTAKE Live! 


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OneTAKE Live: Digital Transformation Learning Path With Charlene Li

OneTAKE Live: Digital Transformation Learning Path With Charlene Li

July 6, 2020

“I think the most important thing is that disruption has to be a movement.” – Charlene Li 


In this episode of OneTAKE Live, join host Ian Barkin as he discusses the innovative influence of disruptive transformation with Charlene Li, best-selling author, entrepreneur and LinkedIn Learning author.  


Don’t fear disruption  embrace it! Rapid growth, technological innovation, new inventions — these are all constant, disruptive forces that dynamic organizations must harness to succeed. Will your company be ready to adapt?  


“The world looks at disruption as a negative, but what I found, doing the research, is that we also look at it as a positive in some way, like when we think of disruptive innovation or technology,” Charlene says. “How do we not just survive with disruption; how do we thrive with it?”  


A career disruptor, Charlene teaches leaders and organizations to strategically manage transformation and alter the status quo. As a speaker, she inspires leaders to effect change and has presented at conferences such as TED, the World Business Forum and SXSW. She has written six books and is a New York Times best-selling author. In addition, Charlene is member of multiple advisory boards and is a successful entrepreneur, having sold her company, The Altimeter Group, to Prophet in 2015. 


Join us to learn more about the transformative power of embracing disruption on OneTAKE Live!


Episode Resources

Charlene Li LinkedIn Learning Courses 

The Disruption Mindset (Charlene’s Website) 

The Disruption Mindset (Amazon) 


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OneTAKE Live: Where AI Equals Actual Impact With Wendy Gonzalez

OneTAKE Live: Where AI Equals Actual Impact With Wendy Gonzalez

June 26, 2020

Real transformation is not just the money … it is the career pathway, the discovery and the building of skills.” – Wendy Gonzalez 


In this episode of OneTAKE Live, host Ian Barkin sits down with Wendy Gonzalez, president and interim CEO at Samasource, to discuss her company’s life-altering efforts to bring prosperity to underserved communities around the world through training and technology 


What is the impact of opportunity? For Wendy Gonzalez, it’s a link between humanity and technological advancement. Her company’s founder, the late Leila Janah, passionately believed in the integrity of giving work to people living in poverty, and Wendy is carrying on her important mission. After all, according to Wendy, “The marriage of social impact and business will change the world.” In our current climate, little could be closer to the truth. 


Samasource has lifted more than 50,000 people out of poverty in countries like Kenya and Uganda, but its impact doesn’t stop there  it combines technology and human ingenuity to create jobs and offer its workforce and their families a livable wageBy advancing digital literacy and training for people living in poverty, Wendy has found that effecting true change requires more than writing an aid check  it requires an ecosystem of opportunity. From artificial intelligence to gaming systems to elephant conservation efforts, Wendy and Samasource are evolving what impact sourcing means and how it can change the world.  


Join us as Wendy discusses AI, impact sourcing and how talent is everywhere  it’s just a matter of opportunity. 


Episode Resources 


Samasource raises $14.8M for global AI data biz driven from Africa – TechCrunch 


How Samasource's CEO helped turn a non-profit into a fully sustaining for-profit 


Give Work by Leila Janah 


Leila Janah Ted Talk 

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OneTAKE Live: The Adaptation Advantage With Heather McGowan

OneTAKE Live: The Adaptation Advantage With Heather McGowan

June 26, 2020

“The world is moving really fast. We all have to move and adapt more quickly than we’ve done in the past. … Sometimes that means pausing and asking, ‘Are we even asking the right questions?’” – Heather McGowan 


In this episode of OneTAKE Live, join host Ian Barkin as he discusses the collaborative future of work and learning with Heather McGowan, professor, Forbes contributor and author of The Adaptation Advantage 


What’s the difference between flexibility and adaptiveness? For one thing, flexibility isn’t going to cut it in the future of work. Truly nimble organizations adapt quickly and learn from their mistakes. So what’s the secret to developing a culture of adaptiveness in an organization?  


To Heather McGowan, true organizational adaptiveness is about developing what she calls an “agile learning mindset” and learning from mistakes. “We’ve developed this whole system that is designed to help you avoid failure when failure is the beginning of learning,” Heather says. “The future of work, I think, is just a series of learning tours.” 


An adaptability expert, Heather works with leaders in business and education to help improve agility and embrace change. Her book, The Adaptation Advantage, explains what it means to create a culture of adaptability and how adopting an agile learning mindset can transform companies. 


Join us to learn more about the transformative power of organizational adaptiveness on OneTAKE Live! 

Episode Resources

The Adaptation Advantage 

The Adaptation Advantage (Amazon) 

Heather McGowan’s YouTube Channel  

Heather McGowan Highlight Speaking Reel (YouTube) 

Heather McGowan’s Forbes Articles 

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OneTAKE Live: True Digital Transformation With Phil Gold

OneTAKE Live: True Digital Transformation With Phil Gold

June 23, 2020

“You have to capture people’s hearts to make change effective.” – Phil Gold 


In this episode of OneTAKE Live, join host Ian Barkin as he discusses how communication and technology can work together to effect true digital transformation with Phil Gold, LinkedIn Learning author and the owner and principal of KLARECOM.  


How do you manage true digital transformation? There are plenty of cool tools and flashy apps out there, but how can enterprise leaders be sure they’re adding real value — not just collecting apps? 


That’s where Phil Gold comes in. He’s a LinkedIn author, innovator and digital transformation guru. To him, it’s all about collaboration and keeping people first. 


“The rules of being a good manager never changed.” Phil explains. “The number one thing you have to do is communicate. … Change management is ‘you are changing a process.’ Transformation management is ‘you are changing the way that the people who are working with the process feel about it.’ … It’s about the people, not the thing.” 


Through his courses on LinkedIn, Phil works to educate leaders and counsel companies on their journey toward true digital transformation. Formerly in Nike senior management, he’s been enabling digital learning for decades prior to teaching on LinkedIn — and we’re lucky to have his insights.  


Join us to learn more about the collaborative ways enterprises can transform digitally on OneTAKE Live!  


Episode Resources

Phil Gold’s LinkedIn Learning Courses 

Managing Virtual Teams Course (LinkedIn Learning) 

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OneTAKE Live: From IoT to Cool Energy With Robert Poor

OneTAKE Live: From IoT to Cool Energy With Robert Poor

June 23, 2020

“The world is going to be very different probably as soon as five years from now in the energy world.” – Robert Poor 


In this episode of OneTAKE Live, join host Ian Barkin as he discusses the future of work, energy and the Internet of Things (IoT) with Robert Poor, chairman and founder of Cool Energy World and board member at VIE Technologies.   


Energy is getting smarter — and cooler. No, not like “The Fonz” type of cool (well, maybe a little). The cool we’re talking about is cheap, reliable renewable energy powered by the Internet of Things. Burning resources for fuel is out. The new cool, or non-thermal, means less waste, greater efficiency, IoT connectivity and a cleaner environment. Pretty cool, huh?   


Robert Poor thinks so. He believes renewable, cool energy is the future. An IoT pioneer, Robert now innovates at the intersection of energy and technology. He’s brought his IoT expertise to the energy world, and according to him, there’s a great deal of change ahead.  


“In the last couple of years, it’s become cheaper to build renewable energy using a form of solar or wind than it is to continue to operate the cheapest conventional energy plants,” Robert explains. “That says that pretty quickly, utility companies are going to start shutting down.”  


Robert has always been passionate about tech, energy and music. Previously, he’s worked with big names like the Grateful Dead, Lucasfilm, and Steve Jobs’ company NeXT. With his company, Cool Energy World, Robert helps organizations not only understand the future of energy, but to also help create it.  


Join us as we delve into the future of energy, work and the Internet of Things on OneTAKE Live! 


Episode Resources

Cool Energy World 

The U.S. Energy Information Administration Website 

IEEE Standards Body 

The Ember Corporation 

VIE Technologies 

University of California Berkeley Report, Goldman School of Public Policy (Cited by Robert Poor) 

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OneTAKE Live: Deciphering Digital Transformation With Peter High

OneTAKE Live: Deciphering Digital Transformation With Peter High

June 15, 2020

“Organizations ... need to develop people-practices to enable organizational agility so that people are learning the skills for tomorrow, not resting on the laurels or skills that they learned at university or in the early stages of their career.” – Peter High


In this episode of OneTAKE Live, join host Ian Barkin as he discusses how technology is transforming the future of work with Peter A. High, president of Metis Strategy, columnist for Forbes and host of the Technovation podcast.


Are you a digital immigrant? Or a digital native? In our dynamic new world, companies have to move fast to survive. Whether it’s the cloud, automation or looming artificial intelligence (AI) advancements, businesses must move at the rate of innovation or be left in the dust. With all the innovative technology out there, how can industry leaders be sure they’re steering toward success?


Luckily, Peter High has been teaching leaders about digital transformation since the dawn of the information age. “Learning agility, is, I think, a trend that is of particular importance,” he explains. “Our ability to adapt, our ability to be nimble, is, I think, going to become that determinant of who succeeds and who doesn’t as we go forward.” 


With his company, Metis Strategy, Peter operates at the intersection of business and technology. His best-selling books, Implementing World Class IT Strategy and World Class IT: Why Businesses Succeed When IT Triumphs, are proven roadmaps for industry leaders looking to innovate digitally.


Join us to learn how technology is transforming the future of work on OneTAKE Live!


Episode Resources

Implementing World Class IT Strategy (Amazon store page)

World Class IT: Why Businesses Succeed When IT Triumphs

Peter Highs’ Forbes Articles

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OneTAKE Live: The Future of Work With Gary A. Bolles

OneTAKE Live: The Future of Work With Gary A. Bolles

June 9, 2020

“Change management is dead. It’s all about managing change.” – Gary Bolles


In this episode of OneTAKE Live, join host Ian Barkin as he discusses the future of work, technology and organizational innovation with Gary Bolles, chair for the Future of Work at Singularity University, partner at Charrette and co-founder of eParachute, Inc.


Change is coming. It’s coming fast. Before COVID-19, change was approaching in the form of digitization and automation. Today? Social distancing is changing the way industry looks at remote work, centralization and even workforce management. Industry moves quickly — and agility is everything. With the future of work ever-changing, how can businesses position themselves as catalysts for proactive change?


Thankfully, Gary Bolles is a change expert. To him, it doesn’t matter if it’s a virus, automation, artificial intelligence (AI) or otherwise — it all starts with the right organizational mindset. “What we need is a completely new way of thinking that can channel human energy effectively. … Leaders should define where the organization goes, but not necessarily how it gets there,” Bolles explains. According to him, organizations must nimbly converge as one network of work — or “NetWork”— to adapt to the ever-evolving needs of the marketplace.


While Gary isn’t a futurist, he does consider himself a “possible-ist.” As the chair for the Future of Work at Singularity University, Bolles teaches the next generation of leaders, catalysts and gamechangers what’s possible through his engaging writing and insightful lectures. In addition to his work with SU, Gary also co-founded eParachute, Inc., based on his father’s prolific book What Color Is Your Parachute?, where he empowers individuals to chart their course through the world of work.


Join us to hear all about the future of work and learning on OneTAKE Live!


Episode Resources

Gary A. Bolles Website

Gary A. Bolles Articles

Gary A. Bolles LinkedIn Courses

Singularity University


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OneTAKE Live: Customer Experience With Colin Shaw

OneTAKE Live: Customer Experience With Colin Shaw

June 4, 2020

“At the fundamental core, for me, people don’t understand human nature — human behavior. If you don’t understand that, then how are you going to design an experience?” – Colin Shaw


In this episode of OneTAKE Live, join host Ian Barkin as he discusses how psychology, marketing, sales and post-sales support converge to create real-world value through customer experiences with Colin Shaw, Founder and CEO of Beyond Philosophy LLC.


Developing a customer experience is all about psychology — but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to understand. The human brain is a strange and complex organ that processes infinite amounts of information – even if you’re not aware of it. For example, right now you’re breathing manually. You’re aware that your jaw has weight — you’re holding it up now. Don’t forget to blink every few seconds and uncross those legs!


“We don’t make decisions rationally,” Colin explains, reflecting on the way that consumers relate to brands. “There are 50 million things that affect how we make decisions. While we think we’re logical, rational creatures — we’re not.”


Colin’s game-changing views on customers and psychology have led him to write several groundbreaking books on the ways brands relate to consumers. His recent book, The Intuitive Customer, acts as a roadmap for organizations looking to revolutionize their customer experience by acquiring a better, more scientific understanding of their customers.


Colin’s company, Beyond Philosophy LLC, helps enterprises cultivate customer relationships, evoke emotions and drive value through intelligent brand experiences. If all that weren’t enough, you can hear him each week as a co-host of The Intuitive Customer Podcast available on most major platforms.


Join us as Colin explains how to craft customer experiences the smart way on OneTAKE Live!


Episode Resources

The Intuitive Customer (Book)

Colin Shaw’s Website (Beyond Philosophy)

The Dark Art of Creating Magic in Brands (Recent Blog Post by Colin Shaw)

The Intuitive Customer Podcast

Colin Shaw’s LinkedIn

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